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How Does Gigi Hadid Deal With Stress? The Model Shares Her Tips For Relieving Anxiety & Why She Thinks She's Far From Perfect

Everyone has self doubt, but most people might not think one of the biggest supermodels in the world right now does, and they would be dead wrong.

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What Is Forest Bathing? I Tried The Japanese Practice To See If I Could Be More One With Nature

When I first heard about Forest Bathing I was pretty sure it was the 2016 version of "glamping."

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11 Dinosaur Clothing & Accessories To Shop, Because Jurassic Park Is Totally Trending For Fall

Because there's nothing more adorable than a schoolboy-esque crewneck with a Tyrannosaurus rex knitted on the front, am I right?

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What Is A Temazcal Ritual? Here's What You Should Know About The Ancient Cleansing Bath

In case you were wondering, temazcal rituals are hot as hell.

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15 Fall 2016 Beauty Releases You Need In Your Makeup Collection

Summer may bring high-tech SPFs, glowy bronzers and tan enhancers, but autumn is finally here and it's coming just as hard for your makeup bag.

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9 Fall 2016 Lipstick Trends That Are Going To Be Hot

When it came to lips and lipsticks, the Fall 2016 runways were about all big bold color, with a few surprises added into the makeup mix.

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How To Pull Off Pastel Makeup Without Looking Like A Total Clown

Pastels work for literally everything — your wardrobe, your Pinterest-inspired apartment makeover, your face — but pulling of that last one can be a little tricky if you take a heavy-handed approach.